Boilers – What do boilers cost?

Home heating in the UK is one of the things we don’t pay that much attention to & probably take for granted until there is a problem. SO what does it cost to replace a home heating boiler? – You can visit to see sample boiler costs.

combi boilerThere are a few basic types to think of:

  • combi boilers
  • system boilers
  • condenser boilers

Each one will  suit a different type of property. One type will best serve a small home without high demands, others will work better in a large family home.

A combi boiler is designed to supply “instant hot water” but will not cope well with a large house with lots of people trying to use hot water at the same time. This is because the system does not store hot water in a tank.

The water supply is direct form the mains and is heated as it passes through the boiler and therefore it will only have a limited flow rate. The more outlets that are using the flow at the same time, the more the flow will have to be “divided” to cope.

Subsequently, the hot water flow will get weaker to each outlet and may run “cold”.

Use the “free quotes” facility of the website mentioned above to arrange for an expert to come around and asses your needs before making any decisions on what type of boiler to install.

Boiler Prices Guide
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